About Us

Elite Creative Literary Agency is an extroverted and enthusiastic agency, founded in 2014, with a global view based in Thailand and Southeast Asia. We mainly sell rights for publishers and authors from Korea, India, Sweden, Germany and many other countries to Thai and Asian markets. We also help local publishers and authors sell the rights overseas. Therefore, all the works are not only in Thai but in all languages.


With the leading of our Managing Director, Mr.Arthorn Techatada, who has been in the industry for more than twenty years. We can assure that buying and selling international rights will be in the professional process.The strongest asset we have is the long lasting relationships formed between our clients and company team in Thailand and nearby countries.


We are taking care of 5 genres of books which are Children’s book, Educational Comics, Fiction, Non-fiction and Academics. The title written by Thai female author "I am Eri: My Experience Overseas" was one of our significant success in rights business. This non-fiction, describing a hidden story of a Thai prostitute in foreign countries, was translated into many languages and sold in various regions including Chinese-speaking countries and ASEAN nations such as Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and etc.


Meanwhile, we have continued buying Thai-language rights from foreign titles to serve domestic demand. Elite Creative mainly focuses on young readers and works with international partners such as Rowohlt Verlag, Booktori, Karaditales, Polar fish and Aram, importing children literature to publish in Thailand. The most current titles include "Mind Coaching" and "Young Leadership"series, these Korean picture books were designed for developing positive attitudes to young readers.