The Kiddy Gang, Asian

The Kiddy Gang, Asian

Author : Asian Manga
Language : Thai
Category : Educational Comic
Rights : World
Publisher : Asian Manga
ISBN : 978-616-510-516-3
Extent : 144

In order to serve the AEC (Asian Economic Community), the content of this comic from Asian Manga would present the story of ASEAN. Smart Gang (Gang Puan), the Thai protagonists have a chance to join the school seminar and doing group activities with foreign friends from the other 9 members of ASEAN.


This book’s content included the general information of ASEAN, whole origin and objectives, cooperation among members, advantages and disadvantages from the cooperation, also the tendency and roles of Asian youth in order to push forward the community development. Content’s purpose is to give the readers understanding more about ASEAN through a simple comic format which is easier to understand and more enjoyable.

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