I am Eri : My Experience in Jails

I am Eri : My Experience in Jails

Author : Thanadda Sawangduean
Language : Thai
Category : Non-Fiction
Rights : World
Publisher : Woman Publisher
ISBN : 978-616-510-148-6
Extent : 216

This title is a second one after the writer, Thanadda Sawangduean, had won a great Chommanard Book Prize by the title I am Eri: My Experience Overseas in 2010. This title is I am Eri: My Experience in Jails was written and published in May 2011 and has been one of the bestsellers in Thailand. This is not only because she just won the award, but it’s all about her true experience in jails of many countries from Japan and Singapore to Bahrain and  Thailand. The writer told her direct experience in jails through this book as a good storyteller who had a positive attitude towards life. Though most people view jails as a living hell, the writer sees that no matter where she is, there is always room for friendship, warmness and happiness.

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