Yakuza’s Wife

Yakuza’s Wife

Author : Thanadda Sawangduean
Language : Thai
Category : Non-Fiction
Rights : World
Publisher : Woman Publisher
ISBN : 978-616-510-627-6
Extent : 200

Yakuza's Wife is the sixth writing of Thanadda Sawangduen, an award-winning writer whose first work “I’m Eri: My Experience Overseas” is the bestselling book of all time.


When we talk about prostitutes, many people may have a lot of questions in their mind. Why do you have to “sell” yourself? Why don’t you love yourself? There are lots of work out there but you make a decision to be a prostitute? Of course, we do not know the reasons behind their action, but this book will tell you that everyone is valuable regardless of their background and their jobs.


This book narrates Nook’s life, a Thai woman who chose to be a prostitute in Japan due to poverty, and she did not feel guilty at all because she knew that she did everything for her family. Three years passed and Nook quit her career as a prostitute and became a yakuza's wife and turned to a bawd. Although the path she chose might not be the right one in the eyes of others, but she accepted it and chose to move forward.



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