One Life before Sunset

One Life before Sunset

Author : Serenade (Sirinrampai)
Language : Thai
Category : Non-Fiction
Rights : World
Publisher : Woman Publisher
ISBN : 978-616-510-517-0
Extent : 296

“One Life before Sunset”, written by Sirinrumpai or Maria Prapantawee, won the 3rd Chommanard Book Prize award (2011-2013), a famous literary book award exclusively for Thai female writers. Her story is inspired by her mother’s death that gave her valuable lessons to live a more meaningful life. We don’t know when to die, so we should live a meaningful life to the fullest as we may not have a chance again to live after sunset. We should realise that material things mean nothing and we shouldn’t stick to them. Rather, we should focus on spiritual intelligence, learn to let go things and learn to be a good role model for others. Life is too short; live your life to the fullest before sunset.



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