One Life Before Sunset

One Life Before Sunset

Author : Sirinrampai Praphanthawee
Language : Thai
Category : Biographies
Rights : World
Publisher : Woman Publisher
ISBN : 978-616-510-517-0
Extent : 292 pages

I was the third child, the biggest dreamer and the laziest of all. In the rice season, while everybody was being diligent, I found various excuses to avoid heavy work. My favorite chore was herding the cattle out to feed. I delighted in digging for dung beetles, rice-field crabs and catching crickets and frogs for my mother to cook. I became an amateur entomologist and botanist and watched the endless rice fields turn from green to gold with the seasons.
Winner of the Chommanard Book Prize, One Life Before Sunset follows the author from her rural village in Thailand to the rat race in the country’s metropolis and life on a Grecian island. Resented by her mother-in-law, she spirals into depression and daily feuds with her husband. One Life Before Sunset is her attempt to follow her dream of becoming a writer, with her reflections on regret, loss, and the importance of letting go.
“Sirinrampai’s sliver of life is full of charm. She writes with a mastery which transports readers into an array of lived experience, and always with hope for a better tomorrow.”
                                                                                                                         — The Chommanard Book Prize Committee


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