Poon Pid Thong (Gold-Pasted Cement)

Poon Pid Thong (Gold-Pasted Cement)

Author : Krisna Asoksin
Language : Thai
Category : Fiction
Rights : World
Publisher : Praphansarn Publishing
ISBN : 978-616-510-049-6
Extent : 432

“Poon Pid Thong or Gold-Pasted Cement”, one of Krisna Asokesin’s novels, won the prestigious Southeast Asian or S.E.A Write award in 1985.

Poon Pid Thong is a fictional story, telling us about the social problem through two characters: Songmuang and Balee. When people seriously have family problems, with the lack of maturity, they often turn to drug use, gambling or even committing any form of crime. We are aware that these problems can have a negative impact on the development of the nation in several aspects especially the quality of people’s lives and society.

“Songmuang and Balee”, a couple who were born and grew up in the broken family, decide to spend their lives together mindfully, try to erase all bad memories in the past, solve the problem logically, fulfill each other with love and care, and admit the weakness to oneself and another. Songmuang and Balee strive to support each other to get through the bad times to sustain the family and for their everlasting happiness.



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