Jenny Jumping

Jenny Jumping

Author : Andy Coombs and Sarah Scho // Illustrator: Anders Lindholm
Language : English
Category : Children's Book
Rights : World
Publisher : Polar Fish Publishing
ISBN : 978-91-87159-15-2
Extent : -

This is Idby and this is Jenny’s first book. Jenny loves jumping so much her friends call her Jenny Jumping. But why does Jenny adore jumping so much? Could it have something to do with the way she jumped up and down stairs as a tiny Id? Could it be that she imagined jumping on soft bouncy clouds or that she jumped to the moon and allowed the moon bugs to tickle her feet? Or maybe it’s because when she jumped so high she reached the sun and the dazzling ball of fire told her a secret so amazing that it turned her feet blue? In this origin story, we fly with Jenny’s imagination as she pushes the boundaries of jumping to reach for the stars.


Jenny imagined what it was like to jump really high - to jump so high her head touched the clouds. And then Jenny jumped on the clouds and landed on the moon. She jumped with the moon bugs and they tickled her feet. Jenny imagined the biggest jump ever and jumped right up to the sun. The sun whispered a secret in Jenny’s ear. The secret was so big it made her head spin and her feet turn blue.

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