Jenny Jumping

Jenny Jumping

Author : Andy Coombs, Sarah Scho
Language : English, Thai
Category : Children's Books
Rights : Southeast Asia
Publisher : Polar Fish Publishing
ISBN : 978-91-87159-15-2
Extent : -

From underwater Ids (who love to make soup) and fire Ids (who are obsessed with birthday candles) to prehistoric Ids (who are tiny), Ids are not defined by their gender, colour, size or shape.  An Id’s identity comes from what they love. Their passions take them on journeys where they will discover time travel, circular dreams, hole digging, underwater soup, fruit competitions, and more!

Jenny imagined what it would be like to jump really high—so high her head touched the clouds. Jenny jumped onto the clouds and then onto the moon. She jumped with the moon bugs as they tickled her feet. Jenny imagined the biggest jump ever. She jumped right up to the sun. The sun whispered a secret in Jenny’s ear. The secret was so big it made her head spin and her feet turn blue.

Rights Sold: Thailand

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