The Fall of Ayutthaya

The Fall of Ayutthaya

Author : Sujit Wongthes
Language : Thai
Category : Fiction
Rights : World
Publisher : Praphansarn Publishing
ISBN : 978-616-510-318-3
Extent : 576

The Fall of Ayutthaya is an imaginary story based on historical record of Thailand by the author, Sujit Wongthes. He brings us an image of Thai people’s lifestyle in every social class in the Ayuttaya era and describes how each of the social classes involved with war during the era where Siam, the former Kingdom of Thailand, lost the capital, Ayutthaya, to Myanmar.


Even the story of The Fall of Ayutthaya has references from Thai history, the author neither focuses on portraying any negative feelings of war, nor urging any of us to revenge. In the opposite way, he tries to bring out the best mixed story between history and Thai lifestyle. The writer has a unique way to describe the story by adding some tiny information about Thai cultures and traditions that are unknown by most along with the real historical record of the war.


Moreover, he brings up social problems of humanity in several aspects such as battling for power, taking advantage over others, bullying the weak, and so on. This sort of story shows lifestyle of Thai people in the past to readers very well.


Last but not least, after reading this book, readers might wonder why Siam lost the capital back then, was it truly because of the Burmese, or was it a result of Thai’s own conflict?

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