King of Warriors  I: Eclipse

King of Warriors I: Eclipse

Author : Run Saya
Language : Thai
Category : Fiction
Rights : World
Publisher : Rainbow Publisher
ISBN : 978-974-499-858-3
Extent : 452

Ramit is a slave at Jantrakras (Lunar Eclipse) Castle which is one of the empires of “King Thevatis.” Annual festival “Ogre’s Head Hunting” at the castle draws attraction from many famous warriors from every place, especially the warrior of the North.


Due to his puzzled behavior and unclear background, many warrior chiefs put the blame on him and want to punish him. Ramit believes that he would be in danger so he escapes from the castle. He then runs into the governor of the East “Husrangsri” who is antagonistic to governor of the West for a very long time.


Songklod is Husrangsri’s father, a governor of Wangsuriyun Castle, and he unexpectedly happens to help Ramit from the death sentence. Songklod shows his mercy without hostility to Ramit. Nevertheless, Ramit strongly refuses to go back to the East land and has intention to pursue his adventurous journey.


King of Warriors is award-winning epic fantasy fiction adventures for all ages, from young adults to adults. Readers will enjoy this series for the adventure elements, unique characters, magic, mystery and a constant battle of good versus evil.


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