The Sky So Near

The Sky So Near

Author : Pensri Kiengsiri
Language : Thai, English
Category : Fiction
Rights : World
Publisher : Woman Publisher
ISBN : 978-616-510-132-5
Extent : 549 pages

“Papa, isn’t it a pity we don’t have blackbirds here?”
Hong Chuan felt a sharp pain inside. He never forgot how he often asked Ladda to join him and Chet in listening to those blackbirds. They sang such beautiful songs in Tak Bai. What was she doing now? After they parted, how did she feel when she heard the blackbirds sing?
National Book Price runner-up, The Sky So Near by Thailand’s National Artist Pensri Kiengsiri is a rich tapestry of turn-of-the-century Malaya. When wayward Ladda is married off in a rush to gentlemanly Hong Chuan and Thak marries the loving Putsorn, they know nothing of the hardship and heartache to come. This historical romance saga tugs on all the right heartstrings. A testament to determination and human resilience.
“Pensri Kiengsiri [is] an excellent storyteller weaving a web of traditional customs, clothes, scents, foods, friendships, loves, joys and sorrows … [The Sky So Near] engaged my emotions, my interest in the lives of the characters, and made me want to know more about the characters long after I finished the book.”
                                                                                                                                        — Nancy Macauley, writer, editor


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