Tiew-La-Sud Sydney-Around Sydney  (Travelling Guide Book : Sydney-Around Sydney)

Tiew-La-Sud Sydney-Around Sydney (Travelling Guide Book : Sydney-Around Sydney)

Author : THiNKNET Team
Language : Thai
Category : Travel
Rights : World
Publisher : THiNKNET Publishing
ISBN : 978-616-7547-83-1
Extent : 254

Tiew-La-Sud : Sydney-Around Sydney is the non-fiction travelling guidebook. It contains guided travel places, famous shopping spots, and great restaurants and hotels around Sydney with more than 350 places. The book gives readers concrete and very detailed information including opening times, travelling directions, estimated budget of travel, and so on. The book is available in two languages: Thai and English. Also, readers will find a map at the end of the book. All these are to ensure the convenience for readers to travel and enjoy Sydney. Additionally, this book has a special scoop called “Sydney Thai” which shows the famous Thai consul general in Sydney. It provides an infographic of Sydney's history named “Do You Know Sydney?” Its purpose is to educate readers and prepare them for a trip to this great city.

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