Tunnel of Flowers

Tunnel of Flowers

Author : Praeploy
Language : Thai
Category : Fiction
Rights : World
Publisher : Nanmeebooks Co., Ltd.
ISBN : 978-616-043-476-3
Extent : 336

Some people say that women's greatest accomplishment is marriage; while others believe that it is the real start of their life. For Panbua, a polite and docile girl, getting married means “living happily ever after” like in any sweet fairy tale. But the truth soon teaches her that it is not always a happy ending. After the wedding, Panbua decides to quit her job and moves far away from her family to live in her husband’s family house. She believes that their love will conquer any and all obstacles that await them. But after facing her mother-in-law and relatives who are not always welcoming, her belief soon wavers as their sweet married life turns bitter. The path under the wedding tunnel of flowers may not be rose-strewn, but laid with hidden thorns. This award-winning novel depicts the life of a woman in contemporary Thai society and a thoughtful insight on marriage.

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