Boo, When My Sister Dies

Boo, When My Sister Dies

Author : Richa Jha / Illustrator : Gautam Benegal
Language : English
Category : Children's Book
Rights : World
Publisher : Pickle Yolk Books
ISBN : -
Extent : 32 pp. Paperback / 6+ years

When Noorie’s sister Zoya dies, everything in Noorie’s world becomes silent. She knows her sister has gone forever. But what’s with Mummy’s silly lies that Zoya will always be around, by their side?  And what is she to do about Zoya’s best friend Dhara, who just won’t leave Noorie alone?

Gautam Benegal blends a playful water colour and wash style with a somber digital crosshatch to bring together warmth in the memories of the sisters’ togetherness and the intensity of Noorie’s grief.  Richa Jha’s spare and simple text keeps the story poignant, believable and full of hope. 

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