Dance of the Wild

Dance of the Wild

Author : Richa Jha / Illustrator : Ruchi Mhasane
Language : English
Category : Children's Book
Rights : World
Publisher : Pickle Yolk Books
ISBN : -
Extent : 32 pp. Paperback / 27.5 x 24.7 cm / 6+ years

Little Shilu loves to dance around naked. She wants to be like the animals; like Pirate, her cat. Peppered with Grandma’s loving chiding, intimate grandma-granddaughter bonding over conversations, and a gentle heart-to-heart between the mother and this little inquisitive daughter, this book takes the readers back to their wild and free childhood.

Ruchi Mhasane’s soft evocative illustrations rendered in pencil with watercolor, and put together digitally, create a dreamlike charm. Richa Jha’s gentle, affectionate and lyrical text takes the reader into the mind of the little girl who can’t wait to get the answers to her ‘Why can’t I?’    


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