Pascual the Dragon  Discovers Africa

Pascual the Dragon Discovers Africa

Author : Max Olivetti
Language : Spanish
Category : Children's Books
Rights : Southeast Asia
Publisher : Editorial el Pirata
ISBN : 978-84-934146-9-6
Extent : 32 pages

Pascual is a friendly dragon who loves to travel to earth and discover new places. He travels from Dracum, his planet,  in different ways. In each book, he lands on a new continent, gets to know  the locals, and helps them with what they need. The collection focuses on values such as friendship and kindness and introduces readers to new cultures.

Pascual the Dragon travels to Africa.  This time, he will be accompanied  by his friend, the little dragon, Xipu!  They will see elephants and giraffes and will help their new friends, the Maasai, make it rain.

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