Breaking Beauty

Breaking Beauty

Author : Lynette Washington
Language : English
Category : Fiction
Rights : Southeast Asia
Publisher : MidnightSun
ISBN : 978-1-925227-03-1
Extent : 228 pages
Jean said Don’t get upset now Jim. I said How many minutes. She said You know it doesn’t matter, so please don’t get upset. You’re disoriented. It’s all right. It’s lunchtime. You worked through. It happens. I just need to hurry up and get back to my work. I said How many minutes. She said Five.
Twenty-seven emerging and established writers unpack the idea of beauty and discover there is no beauty without ugliness. Cracking the core of all things lovely to reveal their innards, they ask: What is beauty? In turns funny and heartbreaking, sexy and familiar, sweet and frightening, humble and bold—but always beautiful. To these ordinary and not-so-ordinary characters, beauty is as undeniable in love, sex, childhood, suburban driveways, cupcakes, and grape vines.
“The psychological authenticity is exceptional.”
                   — Brian Castro, author of The Bath Fugues
“Reading gold.”
                   — Cath Kenneally, author of Jetty Road

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