Hidden Hell of Hong Kong

Hidden Hell of Hong Kong

Author : Thanadda Sawangduean
Language : Thai
Category : Memoir
Rights : World
Publisher : Woman Publisher
ISBN : 978-616-510-718-1
Extent : 86 pages
I grew so used to the exhaustion I no longer tasted the pain. I was becoming a lifeless robot. Once done, I simply collapsed onto my bed and slept. I didn’t even have the time to cry. I needed to get to sleep so I could wake up to next day’s adventures.

After 20 years in prostitution, Thanadda has seen it all: chronic gambling, drugs, honorable crime bosses, arrests and deportation. Now in compact and uncensored form, I Am Eri: Extra Spicy combines the best of I Am Eri with never-before-told anecdotes. Part confession, part travelogue, Thanadda’s latest will have readers turning the pages.

Thanadda and her toothpick-chewing, gambling-addicted pimp navigate the maze of Hong Kong. They must keep an eye out for the CID and the city’s infamous gangs.

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