Simone the Zozzone

Simone the Zozzone

Author : KHOA LE
Language : Bilingual Italian-English
Category : Children's Books
Rights : World
Publisher : Nui Nui Publishing
ISBN : 978 2 88935 032 2
Extent : 28 pages
Simone hated washing. When he had to take a shower, after a day of playing, he just splashed and then ran away. 
The water was cold, brrrrr ..., and so ... ba-gna-ta! Oh ... how he detested her! ... 
Day after day, the dirt piled up on him. He smelled and nobody could stay close to him. His friends avoided him, unlike brightly colored bacteria with strange shapes that multiplied on his body. 
Simone didn't care. One fine day, however, he began to feel a strange itch, and started scratching, scratching, scratching ...
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