The Lake of the Woodpeckers

The Lake of the Woodpeckers

Author : Julie Anderson
Language : English
Category : Children's Books
Rights : Southeast Asia
Publisher : Dixi Books
ISBN : 978-619-7458-56-5
Extent : 36 pages

All the lakes of the world are drying up.

A direct result of human dereliction, lakes and waterways on every continent are disappearing at unprecedented speed. These waterways are our future, yet they continue to evaporate before our very eyes.

If the climate crisis is not arrested, our planet will wither and die. Despite this grim possibility, there is no need to spread fear in the hearts and minds of our children. Rather, we must build hope for the future—for their future.

In this third book of our Woodpecker series, our bird heroes uphold this sense of hope as they band together for the sake of a magnificent lake hidden deep in the forest. They show us that where there is unity, there is power. And we can’t help but smile when they triumph and the lake is saved.

Neither avatars nor wishful thinking will save our planet. We need to educate our children and ensure they understand the steps they can and must take in caring for the world.

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