Maths Smart Gang: Ratio

Maths Smart Gang: Ratio

Author : Anan Phothikul
Language : Thai
Category : Educational Comic
Rights : World
Publisher : Asian Manga
ISBN : 978-611-510-007-1
Extent : 140

To build better attitudes towards Mathematics among students who find maths boring and difficult, the Maths Smart Gang: Ratio series gather the basic fun fraction into one book with 4 comic stories including Definitions of ratio, Solving for ratio by multiplying, Solving for ratio by dividing, and Ratio of many numbers topics. Furthermore, there are exercises and clear solutions at the end of the book. There are 7 main characters who lead readers into different sections of learning by telling the stories which based on daily life. The content becomes more entertaining by the plots and readers will enjoy reading by illustrations of the main characters, the emotional stories in the book and other elements.

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