A Physician Was Branded a Murderer

A Physician Was Branded a Murderer

Author : Ui Hui Siang
Language : Thai
Category : Memoir
Rights : World
Publisher : Woman Publisher
ISBN : 978-616-510-607-8
Extent : 244 pages

I turned to Khun Nong’s husband standing in the doorway of the pre-delivery room, the same spot where he had spoken to the nurse. With the basket still in his hands, he looked at me, collecting the last bit of his consciousness to produce words. His voice was coarse.
“Doctor, how is my wife?”
At a small rural hospital in Thailand, the deaths of a woman and her unborn child lead to a years-long legal battle. Accused of negligence, the physician faces jail time and is ostracised by her community. As her reputation and her marriage crumble, the mother-of-two vividly describes her painful but invaluable lessons. Winner of the Chommanard Book Prize, A Physician Was Branded a Murderer is her story.
“The heart of this book is the subject of fierce public debate. A crucial read for those seeking to build mutual understanding between medical practitioners and those they serve.”
                                                                                                                    — The Chommanard Book Prize Committee
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