Way Thais Lead, The: Face as Social Capital

Way Thais Lead, The: Face as Social Capital

Author : Larry S. Persons
Language : English
Category : Academic
Rights : World
Publisher : Silkworm Books
ISBN : 978-616-215-116-3
Extent : 256

This fascinating study explores how face functions as social capital for leaders in Thai society. It examines the anatomy of Thai face, ways to gain and lose face, patron-client dynamics, and the sources and paradigms of power. Ethnographic research gives voice to Thai leaders as they describe face behaviors and the flow of power in their society. The author compellingly reveals an indigenous but little-used pathway to virtuous leadership that empowers both leaders and followers, to the benefit of all.

Written with academic rigor in a popular style, this book presents insights that are crucial to understanding and building strategic relationships in Thai society.

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