Fablehaven Book of Imagination

Fablehaven Book of Imagination

Author : Brandon Mull
Language : English
Category : Young Adult
Rights : Southeast Asia
Publisher : Shadow Mountain Publishing
ISBN : 978-162-972-241-2
Extent : 160 pages

From the New York Times bestselling series Fablehaven.

“Great for tapping into the limitless imagination of children and adults alike.” -- Compass Book Ratings

For centuries mystical creatures of all descriptions were gathered into a hidden refuge called Fablehaven to prevent their extinction.  The sanctuary survives today as one of the last strongholds of true magic. Enchanting? Absolutely. Exciting? You bet. Safe? Well, actually, quite  the opposite.

Tap into your imagination in the very first interactive guide to Fablehaven! Create your own magical preserve. Draw your family pet as if it were  a guardian to an ancient artifact. Discover coloring pages, mazes, scavenger hunts, and origami  instructions for Fablehaven creatures like Raxtus!


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