Mindful Learning

Mindful Learning

Author : Dr. Craig Hassed, Dr. Richard Chambers
Language : English
Category : Self-Help
Rights : Southeast Asia
Publisher : Exisle Publishing
ISBN : 978-1-921966-39-2
Extent : 272 pages

It may or may not be apparent to us, but unmindfulness slowly but steadily affects the brain. If you’re not paying attention, the brain doesn’t get the stimulation and exercise it needs, so it doesn’t develop connections effectively when young and it ages faster as an adult.

Mindfulness is being used as a way to help students learn effectively, develop personally, enhance their health, and deal with study and exam-related demands. Through practical insights and exercises, Mindful Learning clearly sets out how to manage stress, improve performance, and create better communication and relationships. Whatever your age, whatever your learning environment, mindfulness can make a positive difference.

“A thought-provoking and useful book … Highly recommended.”
                    — Dr. Patrizia Boetto, Australian Family Physician


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