Reach Your Goals Without Stressing Out

Reach Your Goals Without Stressing Out

Author : Chantal Hofstee
Language : English
Category : Self-Help
Rights : Southeast Asia
Publisher : Exisle Publishing
ISBN : 978-1-925335-64-4
Extent : 240 pages

Every time I run, I am reminded by the sound of the sea or the huge trees around me that I am so very small. It reminds me that the cup of tea that will be spilled on the floor in ten minutes’ time isn’t a big deal and that the ultimate goal isn’t to arrive exactly on time but to have a good morning together.

We all possess mental resources but few of us use them to their full potential. Yet there are people who seem to be able to do it all without burning out. Mindfulness expert Chantal Hofstee shows you how to work smart, not hard, and achieve sustainable success. Packed full of inspiration, insights into the brain, and practical techniques, Reach Your Goals Without Stressing Out is your guide to becoming who you want to be and saying goodbye to stress and burnout.

“A kind of psychologist in your head as you live life.”
                         — Chelsea Houghton, editor, columnist

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