Engaging Adolescents

Engaging Adolescents

Author : Michael Hawton
Language : English
Category : Parenting
Rights : Southeast Asia
Publisher : Exisle Publishing
ISBN : 978-1-925335-40-8
Extent : 216 pages

The vast majority of teenagers share a wonderful thing with their parents called attachment. Them being attached to you and you to them means that you have credits in a relationship bank account and you can afford to make withdrawals from that account.

Parenting teenagers is tricky at the best of times. This highly practical, skills-based book draws on case studies and mediation principles to enable you to steer your teenagers through the tough times. Develop tools so you don’t overreact and learn the scripted approach to encouraging positive behaviors. Engaging Adolescents will guide you in resolving conflicts, easing distress, and building better family relationships.

“No airy-fairy theories but real, practical things to say, do, and live by.”
                                                                            —Tina, mother of four

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