Bangkok Then and Now

Bangkok Then and Now

Author : Steve Van Beek
Language : English
Category : Travel
Rights : World
Publisher : Steve Van Beek
ISBN : -
Extent : 140 pages

Bangkok, Then and Now depicts the dramatic changes in one of the world's great cities over the past century. Set side by side are photographs taken in 1900 and 1999; a comprehensive text looks at daily life. Maps enable adventurers to explore monuments of Bangkok's early days on their own. Scores of stories from the 1900 and 1901 editions of the Bangkok Times newspaper reveal in graphic detail the tenor of the age told by the people who lived it. Sidebars relate the history of the trams (whose drivers exchanged horse race tips by tapping on their footbells), advise on how to stay healthy (cholera belts were essential), and recount the careers of colorful criminals who terrorized the city (including the notorious hat snatchers and their geckoes).


A bestseller since its initial publication.

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