Woodpeckers Cooperative

Woodpeckers Cooperative

Author : Julie Anderson
Language : English
Category : Children's Books
Rights : Southeast Asia
Publisher : Dixi Books
ISBN : 978-619-7458-35-0
Extent : 32 pages

How is it possible for a tiny little bird to peck a hole in the trunk of a huge tree?

With ten hits per second, and force 100 times stronger than gravity, woodpeckers are one of the most interesting and inspiring members of the bird kingdom. They use their magnificent beaks and amazing strength to hammer holes in trees – and that’s where they make their nests.

Woodpecker couples are a great example of solidarity. Males and females work together to build a nest and gather food, and males share in the duty of sitting on their eggs. They provide us with an opportunity to rethink all that is around us.

In this new century, libraries are full of books containing new ideas and the embracing value of solidarity.

The Woodpeckers Cooperative is a modern fairy tale about the danger of failing to prepare for winter—as well as the importance of community and cooperation.

A good children’s story should catch a child’s full attention. At Dixi Books, capturing a child’s imagination is our priority and our promise.

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