A Physician was Branded a Murderer

A Physician was Branded a Murderer

Author : Ui-Hui-Siang
Language : Thai
Category : Non-Fiction
Rights : World
Publisher : Woman Publisher
ISBN : 978-616-510-607-8
Extent : 244

A Physician was Branded a Murderer describes the true story of a doctor who was accused of her duty in 2007. This issue has widely drawn people’s attention during that time since the prosecutor alleged the doctor’s carelessness resulting in the death of a patient. Along the way in the courts, she struggled to defend the charge with the truth and hoped that her honest intention and strong determination would prove her an innocent as well as solve this conflict.


However, life is not a bed of roses; she had been encountered with obstacles incessantly. These difficulties allowed her to learn new aspects of life and emotions revolving around each life incident. Although, it was a miserable situation, the doctor was not left alone. She was supported by friends and associates from medical organization encouraging her to get through these obstacles. The story also represents the greatness of love between a mother and her children. It recalls a moment in a family when parents have taught a child to learn to arise again when one fails.


A Physician was Branded a Murderer portrays a lesson of a life. Difficulties are a test for a human being and the conclusion does not matter whether you conquer or you are beaten. The most important thing is how to go through it and learn to forgive.

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