Be Shameless and Fearless; You Can Own The World

Be Shameless and Fearless; You Can Own The World

Author : Cheng Kuang-Yu
Language : Chinese (Simplified)
Category : Self-Help
Rights : Southeast Asia
Publisher : Run Universe Publishing
ISBN : 9789861753478
Extent : 224 pages

Cheng Kuang-Yu utilizes his own stories to motivate people who are like him. If you do not come from a wealthy family, do not have an outstanding diploma, do not have strong contacts, with correct beliefs and strategies, you can still succeed and make your dreams come true.


Cheng's family couldn't support him for studying abroad, he thus prepared and passed the exam, and received a government scholarship to study abroad;


When coming back to Taiwan with his Ph.D. in Dance History and Theory, he couldn't find a job, but he googled and found a Chinese-teaching professorship position at Hongik University, Korea;


With his investment strategies, he bought two real estates and stocks of leading companies in Korea such as Samsung, POSCO and Hyundai;


He self-recommended his essays to publishers in Taiwan and China and got his books published. More surprisingly, he utilized the same strategies in making his books to be released in South Korea;


To brand himself and the top speaker in the Chinese world, he promoted himself to give talks at worldly-famous companies such as Facebook and Solar City, and he became the first Chinese speaker who give speeches there;


When coming back to Taiwan after resigning from his professorship, he created his PR and marketing company and has doubled the income every year.


By reading this book, you will have a mentor by your side no matter what stage you are. Whether you are a student, a company employee, a manager, or a startup business owner, you can always find wisdom, experiences, and strategies in overcoming the challenges.


★ This book is a 5-stars bestseller in Taiwan and its copyright has been sold to South Korea.


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